Flashpoint 1. Second round seeding

Before the start of the second phase of this season's Flashpoint league, a draw procedure took place. Twelve teams have been split into three groups.

First, the three best participants of the previous stage in the face of Cloud9, MAD Lions and MIBR have been seeded into different groups and chosen themselves one rival. The second teams in the queue chose the third, and those teams chose the fourth. Then the exchange phase began, when the last teams could make one change in each group, but only with the approval of all three leaders who have chosen first.

As a result, the composition of groups for the second stage of Flashpoint 1 looks as follows:

Group A

 Copenhagen Flames

Group В


Group С

 MAD Lions
 FunPlus Phoenix

Start matches:

Group A

 Cloud9 vs.  Envy
 Copenhagen Flames vs.  HAVU

Group В

 MiBR vs.  Orgless
 Dignitas vs.  Gen.G

Group С

 MAD Lions vs.  Chaos
 FunPlus Phoenix vs.  c0ntact

The second stage of Flashpoint 1 will run from March 27th to April 6th in Double Elimination BO3 format. For the first place in the group the team will receive 75 points, the second - 50, the third - 30, the fourth - 15. Eight participants with the highest total number of points in the group stage will go to the playoffs.

Positions of the teams after the first stage:

 MAD Lions – 75 points
 MIBR – 75 points
 Cloud9 – 75 points
 HAVU – 50 points
 Chaos – 50 points
 Orgless – 50 points
 c0ntact – 30 points
 Gen.G – 30 points
 Dignitas – 30 points
 Copenhagen Flames – 15 points
 Envy – 15 points
 FunPlus Phoenix – 15 points

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