Flashpoint 1. MAD Lions, Orgless & MIBR advance to the grandfinals of their groups

At the end of the play day of the first season of the Flashpoint league the finalists in each of the three groups have been determined. HAVU, Cloud9 and Chaos were joined by MAD Lions, Orgless and MIBR respectively.

In the final of the lower bracket of group A MAD Lions and c0ntact clashed. The Danish squad needed two maps to win: 16:9 at Nuke and 16:7 at Dust2.

Gen.G and MIBR decided who would play against Chaos in the Group B final. On both maps, the first half ended 8-7 in favor of Gen.G, but after the change of sides Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo's team looked better and took control of the confrontation. The result of Inferno is 16:9, Mirage - 16:13.

The final game of the day was between Dignitas and Orgless. The latter reached the final of the lower bracket after the withdrawal of FunPlus Phoenix and were able to take revenge on the Swedish team. The fight turned out only on the first map, which ended with a victory of Dignitas 16:12. After that, Mirage (16:4) and Inferno (16:3) have been taken Orgless without a chance for the opponent.

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