Not betting on small known leagues and tournaments

Little doggie - honesty of esports players ?

Often in our esports forum there are issues about csgo matches and bets for them. Unfortunately, despite the year 2020, the fairness of the games themselves and how they are played is very often discussed. Do players play at 100%? Whether the whole match and matches have been played 100% fair.

Unfortunately, the reality can be sad. However, there is no hard evidence we follow. If you bet on matches in csgo then only do it for the biggest events and tournaments where the prize pool is higher than $100,000. In such matches there is a question of prestige which is invaluable. 

Let's hope that the technological novelties will soon allow you to play all matches 100% fair. The question is, is it at all possible?

Such a small attention... The set matches (fixed games) were in traditional sport and are also in esport. And it's not just Counter Strike. The cases of Dota 2 are probably the best example. I have no doubt about it. Beware !