Flashpoint 1. Envy are outsiders of group С; Cloud9 outplayed Dignitas

On the first game day of Flashpoint 1, after a short break and switch to the online tournament format, there was a Group B lower  semi-final and a Group C upper bracket final. The Brazilian team came out victorious in a confrontation between Envy and MiBR, while Cloud9 took over Dignitas and will play in their group's grand final.

Envy still have to continue to play in the current tournament with their coach Nicola "LEGIJA" Ninitch in the starting line-up, as Caleb "moose" Jane is still unable to get a visa and remains in Canada. The substitution also affected their final result in the second match, in which the team suffered a devastating defeat from MiBR: the enemy's pick Overpass was lost 6:16, while their choice Mirage, ended with an even bigger gap - 3:16.

Group C leaders' meeting also ended with a score of 2-0. Cloud9 decided to start the match on Train, which is one of the worst Dignitas maps, and the Swedes responded by choosing Vertigo, which is neutral for both teams. In the course of the game each of the opponents took advantage and immediately lost it after the change of sides, but in the end the best individual form of Cloud9 took over the experience of Dignitas.

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