Sprout & AGO to attend ESEA S33 Global Challenge

The first representatives of Europe at the ESEA S33 Global Challenge were determined - the Poles from AGO and Sprout. In the decisive games they've beaten Japaleno and Nordavind respectively. The losing teams will play another European slot at the Global Challenge, which will be take place in the USA.

Triumph and Bad News Bears (ex-Riot Squad) have already been selected from North America for the LAN final of the 33 seasons of the ESEA league, while Team One and Under 21 will fight for the last slot.

List of ESEA S33 Global Challenge members:

 Bad News Bears (ex-Riot Squad)
European Division Finalist
North American Division finalist
Winner of the European division
Asian Division Winner

The exact dates for the ESEA S33 Global Challenge, scheduled for April, are not yet known. Eight teams will play $75,000 and three slots at ESL Pro League S12 for the international championship.