Flashpoint 1 resumes March 20

The organizers of Flashpoint 1 presented renewed schedule for the rest of the first phase of the group stage. The change in the schedule is due to the decision to put all league matches online due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

It is noteworthy that now the representatives of one group will not play in one day. The order of matches has been changed taking into account that all teams will continue to participate in the tournament from their homes in Los Angeles or apartments provided by the organizers.

The schedule of matches of the second stage is currently being finalized and will be announced later.

Updated schedule for the first phase of the group stage:

March 20

18:00 Envy vs. MiBR
21:00 Dignitas vs. Cloud9

March 21

18:00 MAD Lions vs. Copenhagen Flames
21:00 Gen.G vs. Chaos

March 22

18:00 Orgless vs. FunPlus Phoenix
21:00 HAVU vs. c0ntact

23 March

17:00 Group A - Lower Bracket Final
20:00 Group B - Lower Bracket Final
23:00 Group C - Lower Bracket Final

March 24

17:00 Group A - Grand Final
20:00 Group B - Grand Final
23:00 Group C - Grand Final