ESEA MDL S33 playoffs seeding announced

The organizers of ESEA MDL S33 presented the results of the regular season in European, North American and Australian divisions. Eight strongest teams in each region advanced to the playoffs, where they will determine their representatives in the international tournament ESEA S33 Global Challenge, which will qualify for ESL Pro League S12.

The playoff stage will be take place in parallel in all three divisions from 17 to 22 March.

It is noteworthy that Team Spirit and BIG will not participate in the playoffs of ESEA MDL S33, despite the fact that they have secured the top 8 in the regular season ahead of schedule. A few days earlier the teams were invited to the more prestigious championship ESL Pro League, the format and list of participants of which was adjusted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Seeding of the playoffs ESEA MDL S33 for Europe:

 Seeding of the playoffs ESEA MDL S33 for North America:

Seeding of the ESEA MDL S33 playoffs for Australia: