hooch commented on Wintrike's qualification for Minor

Winstrike coach Dmitriy "hooch" Bogdanov has spoken about his debut in a new role and the first results of his activities. In a comment for CSGO.com the coach of the winner for CIS Minor - Rio 2020 highlighted that the confrontation with forZe in the slot match has not been .

This is a new experience for me, and it's very interesting to try out a new role. When I first arrived, it was important for me to adjust the workflow and atmosphere in the team. It's very appealing that the team trusts me and listens to my advice.

During the training matches we showed pretty average results, but I reassured the guys with the fact that there is progress in many aspects both inside and outside the game. Everyone has literally been living in Counter-Strike for the last few weeks, and hard work gave the result. I'm very glad that we qualified, but I don't think it's any achievement, because the main task is to show a good game at the major itself.

As for the game with forZe, it's not a good time and it was a perfect opportunity for us to catch up with the victory, given that Winstrike has never won a BO3 series against them before. The matches were very intense, and on the last map we almost gave up a big advantage: they showed character, but at the most important moment my guys played a difficult situation. I have no doubt that today forZe will take the quota.

I would like to thank my team, as well as the people who were there and did everything to make us feel comfortable (Abai, Lekha, Vlad, Aydyn, Vitya, Pasha, Serega and Andrey). You are all doing a great job! And of course thank you to all the fans for their support and kind words.

hooch was officially introduced as a coach of Winstrike on February 15.