Games Clash announced 2 tournaments with $200,000 total prize pool

Polish tournament operator Games Clash announced that in 2020 it is going to host two international CS:GO tournaments. The prize fund for each of them will be $100,000.

One of the Games Clash Series 2020 tournaments will take place June 5-7 in the Polish city of Gliwice as part of a partnership with the modern multi-purpose arena Gliwice Arena. The second tournament is scheduled for September 11-13 and will take place in Gdynia, where Games Clash Masters 2018 and 2019 were hosted.

A total of eight teams will take part in the upcoming Games Clash tournaments, six of which will receive direct intakes from the organizers, while the owners of the other two places will be determined on the qualification. The guest list and details of qualifiers will be announced later.

Prize fund allocation for each of the tournaments:

1. $50.000
2. $20.000
3-4. $10,000 each.
5-6. $3,000 each.
7-8. $2,000 each.