FLASHPOINT regional invites revealed

FLASHPOINT organizers presented the teams that received invites to regional qualifiers. At the time of publication, only Singularity and Movistar Riders had confirmed participation.

Qualifiers will take place from February 6 to 17 for Europe, North America and South America. The finalists will meet face to face on March 3-5 at the FaceIT studio in Los Angeles, where they will play two slots for the upcoming championship and $100,000.

Tentative list of invited teams:


 Copenhagen Flames
 Team Spirit
 Movistar Riders

North America

 Swole Identity
 Riot Squad

South America

 RED Canids

In 2020, the first two seasons of FLASHPOINT will take place, the first of which is scheduled for March, and the total prize fund is $2,000,000. The list of participants will include twelve teams: ten representatives of partner clubs of the league and finalists of the qualifying round. There will be a scholarship for non-supported teams - they will receive $25,000 each month.