SOKER & DeathZz left Movistar Riders

Spanish club Movistar Riders tweeted that Aitor "SOKER" Fernandez and Raul "DeathZz" Jordán Nieto, who were transferred to the reserve in October, are going to join the new team. SOKER will take over as a free agent, while DeathZz will be leased out.

Aytor "SOKER" Fernandez joined Movistar Riders in July 2018, when the new Spanish line-up with the well-known Christian "loWel" Garcia Antonan and Oscar "mixwell" Canellas was introduced. Raúl "DeathZz" Jordan Nieto joined the team from MAD Lions in April this year. The team has won several regional tournaments, but has not achieved significant success on the international scene.

On October 19, Aitor "SOKER" Fernandez and Raul "DeathZz" Jordan Nieto were sent to the bench and their places were taken by Christian "loWel" Garcia Antoran, who after leaving Movistar Riders played for HellRaisers for a while, and former captain of Luminosity Lukas "steel" Lopez.

The current line-up of Movistar Riders:

Alejandro "mopoz" Fernandez-Ceho Cano.
Alejandro "ALEX" Masanet
Rajon "EasTor" Linato.
Christian "loWel" Garcia Antoran
Lucas "steel" Lopez

Raoul "DeathZz" Hordan Nieto (rented)