Flipside owes $25 grand to markeloff, acordig to his social media manager

The administrator of the former FlipSid3 player's fan community published a statement. According to him, the management of FlipSid3 has not paid its staff salaries since last March, and the club owes more than $25,000 to Egor Markeloff.

The post at the moment is already deleted, but here's how he described the situation.

As you all know, in the summer of 2018, FlipSid3 announced the restart of its CS:GO line-up, excluding all but markeloff and wayLander. B1ad3 was appointed as a coach and was looking for new players. The announcement was to take place after the major in London.

In December 2018, Markeloff started to contact FlipSid3 management who simply ignored all his calls and messages. Eventually B1ad3 left the team and Egor stayed at the broken trough.

The organization did not pay the salary from March 2018 until the end of the contract - September of the same year. Even when the team played online tournaments and qualifications. The management promised to close the debts, but again they did not fulfill their promise. Now FlipSid3 owes Marika more than $25,000!

After all these events Egor was very disappointed and shocked by such deception on the part of FlipSid3, because he could have been playing in another team for a long time, but was left with nothing because of the unfulfilled promises of the organization.