CS:GO setting new players' records

According to Steam Charts the average number of players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has hit 426,000 mark  in November. This figure is a record for the entire game, beating the result of August 2019, when an average of 415,000 players played in a competitive shooter in a month.

It is also worth noting that on November 23rd the mark of 758,412 players at the peak was reached. This figure is the highest since January 2017, when 814,616 people played simultaneously CS:GO.

CS:GO players' stats since January 2019:

All-time stats

Detailed stats for November 2019:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been officially released August 21, 2012. On December 7, 2018, the game was made free of charge and a new competition mode called "Forbidden Zone" was added. On November 19, 2019, Operation Shattered Web has been released.