cajunb left OpTic

OpTic coach Casper "ruggah" Dew reported on Twitter that Renee "cajunb" Borg is no longer part of his team. At upcoming tournaments, including the upcoming ESL Pro League S10, the line-up will be completed by Oliver "kwezzz" Rasmussen.

The 29-year-old Danish leaves OpTic amidst rumors of him joining North, where he will replace Valdemar "valde" Bjørn Vangså. According to journalist Guillaume "neL" Kanelo, the captain of the "northerners" was bought by the well-known OG organization, which gathers the famous players for the debut in the CS:GO discipline.

Rene "cajunb" Borg has represented OpTic since February 2018, except for three months in Cloud9. Together with him, the team became vice-champion of DreamHack Open Summer 2018, Europe Minor - London 2018 and cs_summit 3, and also took 3rd-4th place at StarSeries i-League S6 and 5th-8th place at World Electronic Sports Games 2018.

The current composition of Дания, Denmark, DK OpTic:

Дания, Denmark, DK Christian "k0nfig" Wienecke
Дания, Denmark, DK Matthias "MSL" Lauridsen
Дания, Denmark, DK Nikolai "niko" Christensen
Дания, Denmark, DK Renee "TeSeS" Madsen
Дания, Denmark, DK Oliver "kwezz" Rasmussen (stand in)