Astralis Wins IEM Chicago With a 3-0 Sweep Over Team Liquid

Astralis shut down any doubters after Blast Pro Series Copenhagen with a 3-0 sweep over Team Liquid to win IEM Chicago.

Team Liquid came out swinging on their first map pick Mirage, but it was to no avail. Astralis would mount a comeback and take the last six rounds to win the map.

Team Liquid would need a miracle on Nuke to have any chance. That miracle never showed up as Team Liquid was quickly shut down at every corner and Astralis took the 2:0 map lead with a 16-7 win.

Team Liquid's second map choice, Inferno, was just as favorable to Astralis as it was for TL. The first two maps took the wind out of Team Liquid's sails as Astralis took an 11-4 half lead and never let up. Astralis won Inferno with a 16-4 scoreline.

Astralis has been the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team for the past seven months. Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev may be the best player and Natus Vincere might be the only team to challenge Astralis at times, but it's sporadic at best.

This isn't the only great news for Astralis as RFRSH Entertainment raised $10.5 million in funding while the brand is also breaking into League of Legends.