STYKO Hospitalized Ahead of FACEIT Major Bootcamp With Cloud9

Martin "STYKO" Styk revealed on Twitter that he had been hospitalized after releasing a cryptic Instagram story showing his arm hooked up to an IV machine.

STYKO had been in Slovakia for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player break and appears to still be in a hospital in the Eastern European country. With the Cloud9 boot camp set to begin soon, STYKO hopes to be healthy enough to fly back to the United States soon, but he said in his Twitter post that his doctors don't believe he'll be ready in time.

Cloud9 is not participating in a few of the events leading up to the FACEIT London Major, including DreamHack Stockholm, meaning the team has more time than most to prepare to defend their Major title, but still does not want to start at a disadvantage by not having all five players boot camping together.