Team Endpoint CEO Claims Epsilon eSports Still Owes Money for Smooya Transfer

CEO of Team Endpoint, Adam Jessop, claims that it is still owed money from Epsilon eSports for Smooya's transfer to BIG.

In the initial contract that brought Owen "Smooya" Butterfield to the Epsilon Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster, a clause was inserted that would've given Team Endpoint a small percentage of any amount Epsilon sold Smooya for. While Jessop claims that amount is slightly under $5,000, Team Endpoint has received no money thus far and is, rightfully, angry.

This is not the first time Epsilon has been accused of shady business by other organizations or players. In fact, when Smooya first played for Epsilon he was locked into, what he believed to be, an unfair contract and made his displeasure very public. Other Epsilon players, such as Robin "robiin" Sjogren, also claim to be owed money from the organization and are also angry.