Red Reserve Purchases CS:GO Roster from GODSENT

Red Reserve marked its return to Counter-Strike on Thursday with the announcement it purchased GODSENT's roster.

Following reports of a ​potential sale of the GODSENT roster in January, Red Reserve came to a purchase agreement with the GODSENT owners for the entire roster, citing that the roster "has been on a steady climb and is performing increasingly well." The team recently finished 3rd-4th at DreamHack Tours.

"We’re very happy that we had the opportunity to work with the GODSENT owners and RFRSH to acquire this roster," Red Reserve CEO Patrik Andersson ​said in a news release. "The transfer process went very smoothly and now we’re able to have Red Reserve represented on a global-scale in Counter-Strike. Counter-Strike is still one of the world’s top esports and this roster has the ability to transform Red Reserve into a household name within the esports market."

Red Reserve will next compete at Dreamhack Summer, which begins Sunday.