FNS Clarifies Reasons For Cloud9 Decision to Move Him to the Inactive Roster

Pujan "FNS" Mehta released a Twitlonger post clarifying Cloud9's move to place him on the inactive roster.

In the post, he thanked the Cloud9 fans and his teammates and explained his mentality coming onto the team as the team's in-game leader. FNS wrote, "Joining a championship winning team was a lot of pressure in itself, but the fact that I was also going to be leading this team was more stressful than I could have ever imagined. I went into every event thinking this could easily be my last event if we suck or don't perform to the standard the players or fans have set. After 3 events with disappointing results, I think myself and the team realized that I wasn't the right fit for this roster."

FNS explained that the process of joining a team and having to create a system that suits all five players is difficult and made even more difficult with Cloud9's schedule. FNS wrote in the post, "I've played 47 maps with this roster in 47 days and in that entire time; we've had 5 days of real practice. Every scrim/practice outside of that has either been for matches (warm up before official games) or practice after we get knocked out of an event. Even counting those practice days, at best, we had 10 days of practice. This is all to say that winning under these conditions vs. tier one teams or teams that have been together for a lot longer was always going to be hard."

Ultimately, these conditions made things too hard for FNS to succeed and the parties decided to part ways. For now, FNS has taken a mature stance on the situation, "I’ve accepted that i failed here, regardless of the circumstances. The things I’m taking away from my time here definitely make this whole experience worth it. I don't really know what's next for me, other than going back home and spending time with family & friends."