nitr0 to return to Counter-Strike from VALORANT

American esports athlete Nick "nitr0" Cannella will return to the Counter-Strike pro scene. He stated this in a comment to Cannella explained that VALORANT did not live up to his expectations and called CS his home.

VALORANT was not what I expected it to be and I didn't see a future for myself. CS is home and with the lack of IGL's in NA, this is where I belong. I still have a lot to offer to NA CS and I can't wait to give CS2 everything I have.

Since January of this year, nitr0 has represented M80 in the VALORANT discipline. For six months, the team did not achieve any significant success and in early June announced Nick's departure from the roster. According to M80's official announcement, the player is still under contract with the club. reports that nitr0 has already begun negotiations with several esports organizations regarding his return to competitive Counter-Strike.

nitr0's last CS tournament was IEM Dallas 2023, which took place last May. Shortly after it, Canella parted ways with Liquid, which he had represented since 2015. Throughout his career as a professional Counter-Strike player, he has earned over a million dollars in prize money.

Note that nitr0 has already moved from discipline to discipline once: in 2020, he left for VALORANT to join 100 Thieves; in 2021 he returned to CS and started competing for Liquid again.