MOUZ catches up with FaZe in race for Intel Grand Slam award

Victory at ESL Pro League Season 19 allowed MOUZ to become the leader in the ongoing season of the Intel Grand Slam award along with FaZe. Both European giants currently have two wins, neither of which are of the elite status.

Together with MOUZ and FaZe, participating in the race for the prestigious award are also Team Spirit, G2 and Falcons. Each of them has one victory, but a different number of attempts to complete the series.

Note that million dollars for winning the Intel Grand Slam will be secured by the team that wins three ESL Pro Tour Masters events and one big tournament in the elite Championship category, which includes IEM Katowice, IEM Cologne or an ESL Major. Since their first success, the contenders have nine attempts at three more titles.

Note that Astralis, Liquid, NAVI and FaZe are the previous winners of the Intel Grand Slam award, which has existed since 2018. The fifth season was announced in the spring of 2023, when ESL stated that the competition will begin in CS:GO and continue after the transition to CS2.