NAVI and TheMongolz lost in Round of 12 of ESL Pro League Season 19

NAVI and TheMongolz got eliminated from ESL Pro League Season 19. Having kicked off the playoffs from the Round of 12, they lost their first matches in the decisive stage of the tournament.

NAVI lost to FaZe with a scoreline of 0:2 (5:13 on Nuke and 14:16 on Mirage), while TheMongolz got bested by in a full BO3 series (13:11 on Overpass, 6:13 on Mirage and 11:13 on Ancient). Defeated teams secured 9th-12th place with $23,500 in prizes.

In turn, FaZe and advanced to the quarter-finals of ESL Pro League Season 19. Their opponents will be Vitality and Complexity, respectively.

The current playoff bracket looks as follows:

The results, schedule and live broadcast of ESL Pro League Season 19 can be found at via the link.