Esports World Cup organizers unveil 30 participants of club support program

Esports World Cup Foundation Club Support Program includes 30 big multigamings, 19 of which are represented on the Counter-Strike pro scene. The tournament operator announced this via its social media accounts.

According to the published press release, the commission selected program participants out of 150 applications. The winners of the spots were determined based on the following three criteria: club's esports pedigree, its forward-looking competitive strategy and goals, and its creative approach to content and fan engagement.

Clubs will receive "six-figure" financial support, which can be used to create new teams in other games, expand the club internationally, create content and for other esports purposes.

However, it was reported that the club's acceptance into the support program does not guarantee its participation at the Esports World Cup. Qualifiers for the tournament will be held under equal conditions for all.

As of now, Cloud9, FaZe, fnatic, FURIA, G2, Gaimin Gladiators, Gen.G, Guild, KOI, OG, NRG, NAVI, Secret, Vitality, TSM, Liquid, Falcons, and NIP have CS2 rosters among all the revealed multigamings.

Note that the first Esports World Cup event will take place in July of this year in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. The full team list for the $1 million Counter-Strike 2 tournament can be found via the link.