sdy tells about difficulties with searching for new team

Monte's former player Viktor "sdy" Orudzhev shared the details about the current situation with the search for a place to continue his career. In an interview with the SPEKA media YouTube channel, the Ukrainian esports athlete admitted that he receives offers, but some deals fall through, while others do not suit him for multiple reasons.

During this period there were already about six or seven offers, but some fell through, while others simply died out because someone haf signed another player somewhere. I didn't like some, and that is why I'm still waiting.

I can tell you the reasons, but they are quite painful. Firstly, the teams want me to have a stable departure, that is, so that I can freely leave the country at any time. There are also some teams, I won't name anyone, who ask how I would feel about playing together with the Russians. Conflicts arise on this basis, we cannot find a mutual understanding, and these teams also get discarded. They do not fully understand the situation, there is no clear awareness, and that is why the situation is up in the air. Roughly speaking, I'm now waiting for the moment.

Note that sdy has been a free agent since the end of February, when he departed Monte. According to the club's official statement, the 27-year-old player refused to renew his contract, expressing a desire to continue his career elsewhere.