"Cheaters are getting banned on hundreds accounts in a row." New wave of bans initiated in CS2

Valve has initiated a large wave of bans in CS2 – cheaters' accounts are getting massively banned in the game after the release of today's update. In the ban report, the system indicates the following reason: "Account is Convicted".

The mass bans were pointed out by data-miner Maxim "Gabe Follower" Poletaev. At the same time, Poletaev explained that in reality they have nothing to do with Overwatch.

Unexpected news appeared today. Cheaters are getting banned on hungreeds accounts in a row. It's not overwatch, it's server-side detection. I have a footages on which 9/10 players get banned within few seconds in the same match. I'm currently verifying all info and doing a video.

Gabe Follower also added that Valve has not yet finished working on Overwatch – according to him, the functionality of the system has not been fully implemented in the game as of now.

New update shows that the devs are still working on Overwatch. This explains why no one in the community got access yet. Looks like it's not fully implemented yet.

On May 1, the developers released a small update to Counter-Strike 2. In it, Valve fixed several bugs, including the one with the keyboard not working, as well as added a special console output to the game to diagnose performance problems. The full list of changes can be found via the link.

Origin: twitter.com