r1nkle: "I had about five offers from other teams"

NIP's rookie Artem "r1nkle" Moroz explained in an interview with Players why he chose the Swedish club over several other offers. According to him, he had around five other options for continuing his career, but immediately decided that he wanted to be on his current team after talking with management.

I had about five offers from other teams. NIP was one of the first, and when I found out about all of them, I immediately decided that I would go to NIP. It was the best option for me.

I received the offer in early March. We talked a lot with NIP, about two or three interviews. After that, I decided that yes, it should be NIP. It wasn't like they sent me an invitation to my email and I immediately said yes and I'm going. But after the interview, I decided that this is the team I want to go to. The main thing they told me was to be myself. If I want to play aggressively, then I have to play the way I want to play, not change to suit the team, as I did in B8. 

Note that r1nkle joined NIP in early April. The roster has already played several matches in the qualifiers, but the full-fledged debut of the Ukrainian AWPer will take place at ESL Pro League Season 19, where the Ninjas will start competing on April 30.

Origin: players.com.ua