Official: coldzera joins RED Canids

Brazilian club RED Canids has officially confirmed the signing of a contract with Marcelo "coldzera" David. Previously, the eminent Brazilian's new team was revealed by Dust2 Brasil.

As expected, RED Canids' rookie replaced Lucas "destiny" Bullo. According to rumors, the player, who is now on the bench, will not remain inactive for long, as he may soon move to Solid.

coldzera will continue his career in RED Canids after departing Legacy a month ago. The decision to part ways with the former club was made by mutual agreement of the parties.

The updated Brazilian roster debuted on the night of April 26. The team defeated BESTIA in the South American division of ESL Challenger League Season 47.

 RED Canids are now:

 Carlos "⁠venomzera⁠" Eduardo
 Gabriel "⁠nython⁠" Lino
 Wesley "⁠hardzao⁠" Lopes
 David "⁠dav1deuS⁠" Tapia Maldonado
 Marcelo "⁠coldzera⁠" David

 Sebastian "⁠righi⁠" Righi (coach)