iNation signs lineup led by emi

Serbian club iNation announced its return to the Counter-Strike pro scene nine months after the cessation of its activities. The team includes Serbian and Macedonian players.

The IGL and most experienced player on the roster is Luka "emi" Vuković. Playing under his leadership will be Nikola "Dragon⁠" Boskovic, Luka "⁠c0llins⁠" Živanović, Jane "⁠aidKiT⁠" Apostoloski and Zoran "⁠xicoz⁠" Markovski, who previously competed mainly at the regional level.

iNation's return became possible due to the efforts of the owner of Regnum Gaming Facility, Milos Pavlovic. The businessman attracted investment into the club and took the position of CEO.

At the moment it is unknown when the new Balkan squad will play its first matches.

 iNation are:

 Luka "⁠emi⁠" Vuković
 Nikola "⁠Dragon⁠" Boskovic
 Luka "⁠c0llins⁠" Živanović
 Jane "⁠aidKiT⁠" Apostoloski
 Zoran "⁠xicoz⁠" Markovski

 Uroš "⁠eRCEG⁠" Erceg (coach)