Imperial through to Global Esports Tour Rio 2024 grand final; FURIA and 9z out

The first finalist has become known ahead of the closing day at Global Esports Tour Rio 2024. Competing for the trophy will be Imperial, which got the better of paiN in the upper bracket final with a scoreline of 2:1 – 8:13 on Anubis, 13:6 on Nuke and 13:10 on Overpass.

Also on the night of April 20, the next two rosters to get eliminated from the event were determined. In the lower bracket quarter-finals, FURIA lost to MIBR (8:13 on Inferno and 7:13 on Vertigo), while 9z got bested by OG (10:13 on Overpass and 7:13 on Anubis).

The last playday at Global Esports Tour Rio 2024 kicks off at 15:00 CET with the lower bracket semi-finals, where MIBR and OG will compete. The winner of this match will face paiN in the lower bracket final, which will determine the second finalist – Imperial's opponent.

The up-to-date Global Esports Tour Rio 2024 bracket looks as follows:

The results, schedule and live broadcast of Global Esports Tour Rio 2024 can be found at via the link.