BLAST to implement format of BO5 finals at its tournaments in 2024

The finals of the BLAST Premier tournaments in 2024 will play out in a best-of-five series format. This information was published via the tournament operator's social media accounts.

Previously, all decisive matches at BLAST events featured best-of-three format. The reasons for the transition to the BO5 series were not reported.

In 2024, the BLAST Premier series will traditionally host spring and fall seasons, which end with the top tournaments Spring Final and Fall Final, respectively, as well as World Final as a closing event featuring the best teams based on their results throughout the year.

The nearest tournament is BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024, which will take place from June 12 to 16 in London, the capital of Great Britain. Vitality, FaZe, NAVI,, Astralis, G2, SAW and Team Spirit will compete for a $425,000 prize pool.