Ex-Preasy coach announces search for new team

The coach of Preasy's former team, Daniel "Vorborg" Vorborg, announced via his Twitter account that he is looking for a new place to continue his career. In addition to coaching, the 31-year-old Dane is also ready to consider a managerial position in an esports club.

Vorborg worked at Preasy from last summer until early April, when the organization disbanded its main team due to financial difficulties. He was also previously the coach of Copenhagen Flames and Evil Geniuses.

It was initially assumed that the members of the ex-Preasy lineup would continue to compete together. As of now, it is unclear how the coach's departure will affect the future of the roster.

Note that earlier rumors surfaced on the web about the Danish team possibly joining Gaimin Gladiators. According to insider Vlad "harumi" Radvilovich, the parties did not agree on the terms of cooperation.

Origin: twitter.com