New peak player count record set in CS2 – 1,497,245 users

Counter-Strike 2 has set a new peak player count record. According to the data from the Steam Charts service, on March 3, 1,497,245 people played Valve's shooter concurrently for the first time since its full release.

The previous record was set in the first days after the release of the game's new version into open access and amounted to 1,364,902 users. It is worth noting that during the Limited Test, CS2's player count reached 1.8 million players, but it took into account CS:GO servers too.

The average player count is currently also one of the highest since the full release date. According to Steam Charts, on average over the last 30 days there are more than 800K users on CS2 servers.

Notably, February saw an increase in player activity. In particular, the peak level reached 1,347,519 users, while the average player count sat at 786.6K.