FPS in CS2 increases by 11.06% after latest update

Data-miner Thour shared via his Twitter account a fresh Counter-Strike 2 performance benchmark. He discovered that with the latest update, the average FPS increased by 11.06%.

As Thour noted, data may vary depending on the PC configuration. Consider that the data-miner conducted testing on an empty server on Mirage.

This is not the first time that an update has had a positive effect on the game's performance. In mid-February, the developers also released a patch that increased FPS by 24.16% compared to the big update of February 7.

On the night from February 28 to 29, Valve released a 1.6 GB update. In particular, the system for spawning players at the beginning of a round was reworked, many errors and bugs were fixed, while some elements on Inferno were improved.

Origin: twitter.com