Seeding of Europe RMR additional stage announced

The organizers of the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024 Europe RMR announced the seeding of participants in the additional stage, which will feature the last slot for the region. Competing at Last Chance qualifier will be 9 Pandas, BetBoom, fnatic, Astralis, Guild Eagles and GamerLegion, which placed 9th-11th in the main part.

In the first stage, representatives of Europe RMR A will face teams from Europe RMR B. The organizers have formed the following matchups: 9 Pandas – Astralis, BetBoom – Guild Eagles and fnatic – GamerLegion.

The winners of the first stage matches will continue to compete in the second stage, which will play out in a Gauntlet format. The seeding of the three finalists in the bracket will be determined according to the Buchholz system.

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