Cloud9,, ENCE and Heroic invited to qualifier for IEM Dallas 2024

IEM Dallas 2024 organizers have announced via their social media accounts the invitees to the closed stage of qualifiers. Qualifiers will be held in four regions, namely Europe, North America, South America and Oceania.

Cloud9,, ENCE and Heroic were invited to the European competition. Nouns and BOSS will fight in the North American qualifier, FURIA and MIBR will participate in the South American qualifier. Spots from the organizers in the Pacific region were received by Rooster and Bad News Kangaroos.

IEM Dallas qualifiers will take place from February 22 to March 14. Europe will feature two tickets, while North America, South America and Oceania will offer one each.

Note that IEM Dallas 2024 will take place at the end of May with a prize pool of $250K. Currently, six participants are known, including BIG, Complexity, FaZe, MOUZ, NAVI and Vitality.