Oleksandr Zinchenko helps his team in match against BLEED

Ukrainian professional football player Oleksandr Zinchenko, who competes for London's Arsenal, helped his team Passion UA ​​in a match against BLEED. The match took place at the online event YaLLa Compass Spring 2024.

Before the start of the second map, Passion UA ​​player Eduard "zeRRoFIX" Petrovskyi encountered technical issues, due to which he was unable to continue the match. Unexpectedly, the team's owner Zinchenko came to the rescue, logged onto the server and played the remaining maps.

At the same time, Passion UA ​​managed to win the second map Ancient and get the series to a desider. However, the victory in the match went to BLEED.

Zinchenko finished the match with a rating of 0.86. This is not the first time when a Ukrainian football player helped his team. Previously, the defender stood in for the roster at United21 League Season 9 against Illyrians.