Cloud9 analyst: "The guys already understand each other better in game"

Cloud9 analyst Ivan "F_1N" Kochugov told that the team members began to understand each other better and finally started to play well together. In his Telegram channel, he also stated that the roster managed to cope with the absence of an AWPer and build a structure based on this.

To begin with, we still want to get into an optimal form, both team-wise and on an individual level, to start showing stable performance. The guys already understand each other better in game, taking into account the specifics. Due to the lack of a permanent AWPer, there was no clarity in roles, but we tried to take this nuance into account and build a new structure.

All the guys are now at bootcamp and working hard. Over time, mutual understanding between us has grown and controversial issues have become much easier to resolve. I sincerely believe that we are moving forward and getting better.

Yesterday, January 19, Cloud9 managed to advance to the Europe RMR for PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024. In the closed qualifier, the team bested OG, 3DMAX and BetBoom.