Gabe Follower: FMPONE works on completely overhauled Cache

Data-miner Gabe Follower shared via his YouTube channel the details about the current state of Cache. He stated that map creator Shawn "FMPONE" Snelling is reworking the map from scratch for Counter-Strike 2.

According to him, the developer plans to create completely new map textures. This way they will not be imported from CS:GO.

FMPONE is reportedly working on a remake of the original version of Cache, released in 2013. However, the data-miner did not rule out the possibility of developer keeping the stylistic decisions from the previously remade map.

FMPONE has already worked on Cache rework in the past. At the end of 2020, the developer released an improved version of the map, which was available in matchmaking.

Note that in recent months FMPONE has been developing the map called Santorini for Counter-Strike 2. It was added to the Workshop at the end of December of 2022.