Participants of Americas RMR closed qualifiers determined

The second open qualifiers have ended in North America and South America, determining the last participants of the Americas RMR closed qualifiers. Based on the results of the completed competitions, four slots were up for grabs in each of the two subregions.

The top four winners of the second North American open qualifier are LOS, Rocket, FLUFFY AIMERS and Cloud 10. In their final matches, they defeated WICKED, The Nomads, Bad News Bricks and regain, respectively.

The strongest participants of the second South American open qualifier are Case, Filhos de D10S, adalYamigos and TIMACETA. They secured tickets to the next stage of the qualifiers in matches against AJF, inSanitY, 2GAME and PUBG aim.

Note that the final stage of the qualifiers for the Americas RMR within the qualifying cycle for PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024 will take place from January 12 to 14 for North America and from January 19 to 21 for South America.

The team list for the North American closed qualifier for Americas RMR looks as follows:

 Party Astronauts
 Carpe Diem
 my life be like
 Cloud 10

The team list for the South American closed qualifier for Americas RMR looks as follows:

 RED Canids
 Filhos de D10S