sh1ro: "Team Spirit was one of the teams where I wanted to try myself"

Team Spirit's newcomer Dmitry "sh1ro" Sokolov, in a video for the club's YouTube channel, told about himself, his attitude to the game, as well as answered bunch of questions that helped to compile his psychological portrait. In particular, Cloud9's former player shared his reasoning behind choosing where to continue his career.

When I left my previous team I knew where I wanted to get. I mean, Team Spirit was one of the teams where I wanted to try myself. There were also fnatic, But Team Spirit was my personal favorite.

I always wanted to play with chopper. So he was a reason too to join this team I wanted to learn the way he, as a captain, acts. Also donk I followed his career a year ago. I predicted his future, when you made it to HLTV. And I think he is a future star. So impressions are good of my joining, of the team, and of a fact that it’s a CIS team.

sh1ro moved to Team Spirit from Cloud9 in December. The Dragons' updated lineup will debut in the second half of January at the closed qualifier for the Europe RMR.

The video has English subtitles.