STYKO reveals his income from esports in 2023 – over €460K

The earnings of Apeks' Martin "STYKO" Styk from esports in 2023 amounted to just over €460K. The Slovak esports athlete told about the income from his main activity in a video on his personal YouTube channel.

STYKO's salary under the contract with the club, which does not include various types of bonuses, amounted to the lion's share of the annual income – €150K. At the same time, the player mentioned that with his recent return to the main roster of Apeks, he signed a new deal, according to which his salary will be reduced.

Styk received €13.5K in prize money. This sum is his share after deducting 50% of the money won in favor of the organization, as well as dividing the remainder between his teammates and the coach.

As additional income, the Slovak combined earnings from stickers from Majors, personal sponsorship contracts and social media platforms, including YouTube and Twitch. This category brought him €297.7K.

Note that STYKO spent the entire year 2023 as part of Apeks. In October, the club benched him, but on December 27 decided to return him to the starting five.