Invitees to PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024 closed qualifiers confirmed

Tournament operator PGL has revealed via its official website the teams that were invited to the closed qualifiers for the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024 RMRs. The list features only a few differences from the previously published tentative version.

Note that in the closed qualifiers, invited rosters will compete against the finalists of the open qualifiers. The strongest participants will advance to the RMR tournaments to face the squads that entered the top 16 at the previous Major and retained a core of three players.

The invitees to the RMRs were announced on December 19. The list of 12 rosters can be found via the link.

The invites to the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024 closed qualifiers are as follows:

 Team Spirit
 Eternal Fire
 9 Pandas

North America

 Party Astronauts
 Carpe Diem

South America

 RED Canids


Bad News Kangaroos


 Lynn Vision
 Wings Up

East Asia


Middle East

 TRAFFIC Tashkent

The qualifying cycle for PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024 starts on January 8 with open qualifiers. The closed qualifiers will take place from January 12 to 28, while RMR tournaments, where participants will compete for tickets to the Major in a LAN format, are scheduled to play out from February 14 to March 4.