harumi: Cloud9 may purchase BLAST partner slot from Evil Geniuses

North American club Cloud9 may purchase a partner slot at BLAST tournaments from Evil Geniuses. This information was shared by insider Vlad "harumi" Radvilovich on the podcast called "On the Banana".

This rumor is likely related to a recent report by journalist Richard Lewis, according to which Evil Geniuses intend to leave the Counter-Strike pro scene. The reasons cited are the economic downturn and problems within the organization.

Evil Geniuses are one of twelve BLAST partners. In this regard, the team has permanent membership in BLAST Premier tournaments.

Evil Geniuses are also partners with ESL, having signed the so-called Louvre Agreement in 2020. It is unknown what will happen to Evil Geniuses' ESL Pro League slot in case of the suggested departure from the discipline.

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