Big CS2 update: sub-tick improvements and multiple bug fixes

Counter-Strike 2 Release Notes for 11/16/2023


– More sub-tick visual and audio feedback improvements.
– Reduced sniper scope bob animation magnitude and frequency.
– Fixed a bug causing duck to be slower when the Duck Mode was set to Toggle.
– Fixed a case where grenade throws weren't registering on the server.
– Thrown grenades no longer prematurely detonate if thrown while intersecting a teammate.
– Players can no longer mitigate fall damage by defusing the bomb.
– Adjusted weapon drop trajectories to make throwing weapons more consistent, especially when throwing weapons downward.
– When a network interruption is detected by official game servers, the affected match will be cancelled.
– Added unique sounds for running and jumping on metal railings and poles.


– Fixed a bug that occurred when interrupting the CZ75a deploy with inspect.
– Fixed the inspect and other animations for the Shadow Daggers.
– Fixed a 'broken wrist' animation with the Survival Knife.
– Adjusted the Mac10 first person animation to include strap and bolt movement.
– Fixed AWP and SSG firing animation/inspect behavior while zoomed in.
– Fixed a case where the Deagle slide would fail to reset on round restart.
– The Revolver barrel now incrementally rotates for each shot.
– Fixed some animation issues with weapons placed in community maps.
– Fixed cases where the C4 light would not blink when held or holstered by players.
– Fixed some cases where the player's shadow would show an incorrect pose.


– Fixed a bug where bot_knives_only didn't work for T's.
– Fixed some visual issues with demo playback.
– Improved performance of screen particle effects.
– Fixed the Mute Enemy Team and Mute All But Friends settings failing to mute voice.
– Text from blocked players will no longer be visible in the premier pregame chat.
– Players frozen by half-time gamerules are now immune to certain damage types.
– Decals now evict the lowermost decal if enough decals overlap in a single location.
– Player visibility fog adjustment no longer applies to dead ragdolls.
– Smoke particles no longer stick to dead ragdolls.
– Fixed self/team burn damage getting recorded as enemy damage.


– Revised some common chat strings.
– Added convar cl_deathnotices_show_numbers for observers to have quick access to player's spectate index.
– Added a warning message for AMD and Nvidia graphics users with out-of-date drivers.
– "Kevlar & Helmet" entry in the Buy Menu will now present itself as simply "Helmet" when contextually correct.
– Added time to weekly rollover to the reduced XP message in the player profile tooltip.
– Fixed kill feed and death panel not displaying correct information if the killer died earlier or disconnected.
– Fixed round-delayed stats not updating at match end.
– Changed deathmatch scoreboard stats from K/D/A/Score to K/HS%/DMG/Score.
– Fixed case where text during defuse would get cut off.
– Added direction indicators to players in the square radar.
– Fixed case where kill icon would not display in the post-round damage info panel.
– Fixed bad string in the commend dialog panel.
– Fixed case where round stats in the Watch Menu would be assigned to the wrong side.


– Fixed custom sound events files in workshop maps.
– Added some material settings for water refraction/caustics.
– Workshop maps can now be tagged as supporting Wingman mode.
– Linux clients can now run workshop maps without requiring -insecure.
– Added trigger_hostage_reset trigger and logic_eventlistener entities.
– Added convars sv_walkable_normal and sv_standable_normal to allow community servers to tweak player movement on angled – surfaces.
– Fixed health getting clipped when it exceeds 3 digits.



– Fixed various cases where level mesh was disappearing occasionally.
– Various visual updates and fixes to models and materials.
– Straightened out some collision that was pushing players off of walls or corners.
– Turned off the collision of some light fixtures that were pushing players off of walls.
– Added a metal plate to swat van to hide player feet, adjusted clipping around van.
– Fixed some small holes in the world.
– Fixed some texture mapping seams.
– Added player clipping on some floor grates to smooth player movement.
– Fixed some issues with the collision and surface property of fire extinguishers.
– Added and adjusted some grenade clipping.
– Adjusted some clipping on boxes and cable stacks in connector.


– More player and grenade clips adjustments.
– Closed various holes and cracks in the world.


– Fixed clipping around scaffolding at bombsite b to prevent one-way peeking through geo.


– Fixed player getting stuck on large crate in garage.
– General grenade clip polish.
– Vending machine break sequence now only happens once to avoid strobing lights.
– Removed collision from pipes and cctv cameras at ct spawn garage.
– Added grenade clips to doors at stairwell.
– Fixed hole in door frame at t-spawn.
– Fixed texture errors on ceiling at conference room.
– Fixed some lighting errors on low settings.
– Fixed weapons getting stuck behind crates at back way.
– Fixed lighting artifacts in front courtyard.
– Fixed bad boost onto electrical boxes in garage.


– Fixed z-fighting on stairs in connector.
– Improved ground at bombsite A so that it has more accurate footstep sounds.
– Fixed gap in world around b-site planting area.
– Fixed z-fighting a backdrop temple near t-spawn.
– Fixed missing collision at connector that would allow grenades to fall through world.
– Fixed hole in world at street that allowed players to see through to canal.
– Fixed vis issue on street looking back to t-spawn.
– Fixed UV stretching in connector.
– Sealed up holes in building rooftops for entire level to prevent grenades getting stuck in void.
– Fixed holes in lower tunnel.
– Fixed hole in canal.


– Moved bucket on scaffolding on bombsite B that could be mistaken for player during combat.
– Closed hole to prevent grenades from falling through the map on bombsite A.
– More player clip adjustments.
– Fixed various micro gaps.


– Minor clipping fixes on rooftops and hut.
– Better caustics in pool at B site.
– Fixed vis issue in garage looking towards hell.


– Fixed some light fixtures showing backfaces.
– Fixed some light fixtures being misaligned.
– Fixed missing vent pieces in Tunnels.
– Attempt to fix players clipping through wood boards by stairwell at bombsite b.
– Fixed bad clip above door at elevator.
– Fixed flashbang inconsistency with metal gratings at scaffolding.
– Fixed missing collision on horizontal tower beams at b-site.
– Added grenade clips around bombsite b to prevent smokes getting caught in bad spaces.
– Cleaned up geo and did a grenade clip pass around scaffold to make grenades work better.
– Added grenade clip to b platform.
– Fixed disconnected girders at mid.
– Moved stack of drywall at back door>b for better movement/cover.
– Improved clipping at side.
– Jobsite injury signs are more responsive.