CS2 update adds Workshop maps and fixes many bugs

Counter-Strike 2 Release Notes for 11/2/2023


– Enabled uploading CS2 maps to the workshop.
– Community Servers can host workshop maps.
– Added paint metalness and roughness by color features to Solid Color, Hydrographic, and Spray-Paint finishes in the Item Editor.
– Added option to toggle "Automatic PBR Color Correction" to all sticker types in Item Editor.
– Various Item Editor help system updates including "mat_fullbright 10" to test PBR.
– Various updates to workshop tools.


– Fixed a case where user commands would be ignored in poor network conditions.
– Fixed a case where weapons would fire faster than intended.
– Fixed a case where clients would show multiple gunshots for one actual shot.
– Fixed a case where players would fail to keep their weapons between rounds of overtime.
– Fixed some instances of dropped weapons falling out of the gameplay space.
– In firstperson, dead players will now see their own ragdoll at the server-authoritative lag-compensated position of their demise.
– Decoy grenades interact aesthetically with smoke clouds.
– Smoke grenades now have a minimum fuse duration to prevent smokes from prematurely detonating if stuck in crevices.
– Players now ignore individual damage events dealing less than one point of damage.
– Knife attacks will now prioritize enemies and will only hit teammates if there are no enemies in range.
– Knife attacks no longer predict damage effects or sounds on the client.
– Knife attack immediately after switching to a knife will always deal full damage amount.
– For a given map location, eye height is now consistent regardless of how the player arrived



– Fixed clipping in various areas.
– Fixed various microgaps.
– Fixed disappearing meshes in skybox.
– Removed birds that got mistaken for grenades.


– Added sv_maxuptimelimit setting to request server shutdown after certain number of uptime hours.
– Support -sv_maxuptimelimit command line parameter to randomly select uptime limit per instance within a range, e.g. "-sv_maxuptimelimit 48-72" command line parameter will request game server instance to self-shutdown somewhere between 48 and 72 hours by issuing "sv_shutdown" command on the game server.
– Added game server startup timing log records.
– Game servers will now print global chat messages when players acknowledge newly acquired items while connected to the game server.
– Fixed a bug showing 100% packet loss immediately after connection.
– Fixed a bug where scoreboard ping could get stuck at a value lower than the real ping.


– Improved rendering of stickers.
– Added wins and wins-needed to Competitive Play Menu map tiles.
– Fixed various minor HUD bugs.
– Fixed various skins and sticker bugs.
– Fixed various bugs with item inspection UI.
– Fixed a skinning issue with Trapper Aggressor agent's legs.
– Improved performance of player animations on client and server.
– Smoke grenade canister changed to chrome material.
– "Boost Player Contrast" no longer applies to dead players.
– Adjusted microphone voice threshold value.

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