Input lag impact of CS2 graphics settings discovered

The graphics settings configuration in Counter-Strike 2 has a significant impact on input lag during gameplay. This was reported by Reddit user Piwielle, who shared the results of his research.

According to published information, Vertical Sync causes the biggest lag increase. The author recommends disabling this setting, otherwise the input lag will approximately double – by 15 ms.

Input lag increases by nearly 1 ms when Multisampling Anti-Aliasing Mode is set to maximum value. The remaining graphics settings do not have significant effect on lags.

The author also tried out the lifehacks that players discovered during CS2 Limited Test to get rid of noticeable input lag. According to him, disabling NVIDIA Reflex, enabling Low Latency Mode in NVIDIA Control Panel, and disabling Fullscreen Optimizations have no affect on in-game input lag.