Data-miner told how to secure yourself from leaking IP address in CS:GO

The well-known data-miner Aquarius shared via his Twitter account recommendations on how to prevent leaking an IP address through exploits in CS:GO. Earlier, he drew the attention of game developers to the existing problem.

Aquarius named two things that you need to do to secure your Internet connection from third parties.

  1. Go to your Steam settings > In-Game > scroll all the way down and make sure you set Steam Networking to Never. This can save you from the Lobby IP leak exploit.
  2. Make sure you have "cl_hideserverip" set to 1 in your config/exec. This will prevent the game from displaying your public IP in the console when loading offline matches (aimbotz, for example).

On August 12, the data-miner reported that in CS:GO matchmaking, unlike CS2 and FACEIT, there is an exploit that allows attackers to get the player's IP address. Notably, this exploit can only be used in a certain scenario, so the likelihood of such a case is small.

Later it became known that Valve employees began to study the suggested problem.