Developers announce new wave of invites to CS2 Limited Test

Valve announced another wave of invites for players to CS2 Limited Test. The developers also asked users to send messages about all the issues that they encounter during the game.

More Limited Test invites are going out. To our new players, if you encounter bugs of any kind please send us an email. Include a description, images, and video if possible so we can solve bugs quicker.

To check if you received an invite to CS2 Limited Test, the player needs to launch CS:GO, where the corresponding invite window will pop up in the Main Menu. In addition, gamers can use another method that does not require launching the game.

Currently, Valve continue to work on the release of CS2. In the latest big update, the developers added Overpass and Vertigo, as well as the Wingman mode.

CS2 Limited Test started in March. Then the developers promised to release a full version of the game for everyone this summer.