Noob unboxes extremely rare Karambit pattern worth $200,000

An 18-year-old player, who spent only 34 hours in CS:GO, unboxed one of the most expensive knives in the game. Later, he was contacted by a well-known skin expert ohnePixel, who valued Karambit | Case Hardened with a rare pattern 387 at $200,000.

By itself, this skin in a much worse condition can be purchased starting at $1,000. However, the uniqueness of the aforementioned unit lies in the fact that the side of the knife that players see while wielding it is almost entirely blue, which is valued among collectors.

Due to such a rare pattern the cost of the unboxed Karambit | Case Hardened can reach $200,000. OhnePixel advised the young player to sell the skin, while a number of traders offered their intermediary services in the deal.

Considering the fact that a similar skin with a lower float number was recently sold for $118K, the price may be even higher than the one estimated by the collector.