Twistzz denies possible off-season FaZe roster changes

FaZe's Russell "Twistzz" Van Dalken debied the possibility of roster changes after the end of the season. In an interview with, Canadian stated that the roster will remain unchanged and will continue to play together in CS2.

No, no changes. I think it's been talked about already in the team. Everyone enjoys playing with each other and we have great team chemistry and it's something we're not gonna take for granted. I think we like how it is and we know we're just kind of exhausted and it's been difficult to invest so much energy into the game. We're just going to try our best here and hope for the best. Unless there's something I don't know about, but I'm pretty talkative in the team and vocal, so at the moment I can see that there's no changes.

Today, June 7, BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023 kicks off, which will be the final event of the season. FaZe got into Group B, where they will face Astralis in the first match.